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23 December 2018

It’s taken the whole year but we have finished the book of Luke. But we haven’t finished our journey with Jesus. Physical journeys come to an end when we have reached our destination. For some the journey with Jesus may be just beginning may be just beginning, for others who have known Him for a long time... Continue Reading →


16 December 2018

I have loved going through the book of Luke this year. I know it has had a profound effect on many of us as it has reinforced our commitment as a faith community to Jesus’ words and God’s heart about the marginalised and excluded. Sometimes we think that only the gifted, the competent and the trained can... Continue Reading →


09 December 2018

Whoop whoop On Wednesday we had the official opening of the Te Ao Ngakau Community Centre. What an exciting time. Max was, as usual, better than awesome as he welcomed everyone. He did a Mihi and then he and Maria lead us through the new centre, praying in and blessing every room. I then said a few words and unveiled... Continue Reading →


02 December 2018

As a family we use an advent calendar throughout December to prepare us for Christmas. There’s a pocket for each day with something inside. Some days there’s a challenge; some days there’s a little figure to Velcro on to the nativity scene; some days there’s a Bible verse or two. This year is a bit different as, finally, all our kids can read! So I’ve been reworking the format to include Old Testament prophecies about the coming Messiah... Continue Reading →


25 November 2018

“Don’t be afraid!” This is something that is usually said to someone who looks afraid... Continue Reading →


11 November 2018

Have you ever thought about the diversity among Christians who will be in heaven – about those people who down here on earth were not just white (or just black or just any shade in between), not just those who were impeccably dressed (or just those who weren’t)... Continue Reading →


04 November 2018

On the wall of a concentration camp, a prisoner had carved the following words: “I believe in the sun, even though it doesn’t shine... Continue Reading →


28 October 2018

Growing up is a pain. I was having a conversation with my daughter a couple of days ago, and she said, “I don't really want to become an adult, because then you have to be interested in boring things like business, and politics, and finances". When I was her age, I remember saying exactly the same thing... Continue Reading →


21 October 2018

Greetings from Colorado Springs. Jill and I have had an epic 10-day road trip across five states of the USA. We did some three thousand, nine hundred and fifty two kilometres... Continue Reading →


14 October 2018

Recently our family was given an amazing gift: a week-long trip to a stunning island in Fiji. After arriving on Mana Island, it took me a few days to adjust to my surroundings. Early on, I found myself rushing to get places. I was on holiday in Fiji with nothing to do except relax and I was rushing! I pointed out to myself the ridiculousness of my actions and took a look around me... Continue Reading →


07 October 2018

Rarotonga. What a great time we were able to have as a whanau for my brother's wedding. This has been a long time coming. The opportunity to celebrate this wonderful occasion in such a beautiful setting was amazing. God has definitely created a beautiful amazing world... Continue Reading →


30 September 2018

Last week Russell, Lindsey and I were making connections.  Okay, that sounds more spiritual than it was; we were putting network and phone connections into #3A. We are in an age where there are ever more ways of making connections... Continue Reading →


23 September 2018

This is not a current comment per se. More of an update. The house that was the Opshop (#3 Waipuna) is having some renovations done to it... Continue Reading →


16 September 2018

Most of you would have seen the debacle at the US women’s tennis final. Now I don’t know much about tennis, so I don’t know if the umpire was right with the decisions that he made. We also don’t know if Serena Williams would have won the match had she not been penalised. But what I do know that her on court actions had an effect... Continue Reading →


09 September 2018

When watching shows like The Block, or checking out a new house build, it's exciting to see all of the sustainable elements that get added - solar, gas, heat pumps, stone floors etc… It all looks lovely... Continue Reading →


02 September 2018

Ever had ‘one of those weeks’? I had one last week. It was a doozy. Busy but satisfying. Lots of face to face meetings (the best ones to have) and lots of ‘connecting’. I was thinking about this connecting business and about Father’s day. I think one of the most important connections is ... Continue Reading →


26 August 2018

When I was younger I remember asking my youth pastor how people could be happy when they didn’t believe in God. Why wouldn’t the Creator of us all build in a sense of there being something missing? I remember his reply: “You can ignore God and be happy… as long as you don’t ask certain questions... Continue Reading →


19 August 2018

Mt Wellington Community Church; “We are a caring, dynamic, multicultural family, sharing God’s love with our community”. One of the things that I enjoy about MWCC, in fact, inspires me about MWCC, is our desire to live this out. Over the last 5 or so years we haven’t really talked too much about this, but it is on our newsletter pretty much every week. It is our motivation every day to share God’s love... Continue Reading →


12 August 2018

I’m looking for an easy answer. I’m looking for a pre-packaged solution. Shouldn’t someone else have worked all this out? Can’t I just latch onto what they’ve done? Don’t make me think for myself. Can’t I just click “like” on what some famous rich person says, they must have it all together? Continue Reading →


05 August 2018

As a church we have always responded to the needs of the community and tried very hard to listen to what God is saying to us. There have been a number of people from within the congregation and also other Christians outside of our church community that God has been speaking to, in particular about the rise of homeless and those finding it hard to make ends meet. What can we do? Continue Reading →