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04 September 2016

As a whanau we went to see the film 'Chasing Great'. It was quite an inspiring film/doco about leadership and excellence. As a young man Richie McCaw was challenged by an uncle... Continue Reading →


28 August 2016

For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathise with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin... Continue Reading →


21 August 2016

There are many ways to pray. There are helpful mnemonics to remember what to say, there are many examples from the Bible including instruction from Jesus himself... Continue Reading →


14 August 2016

Last night I was watching Nigel Latta's latest documentary series "Tackling the Hard Stuff". I got rather enthralled... Continue Reading →


07 August 2016

We’ve had a celebration for 20 years gone by. We note as we get older that time begins to fly. So when the years have come and gone what changes do we see? ... Continue Reading →


31 July 2016

This week you would have heard of the appalling murder of 84-year-old Father Jacques Hamel in Normandy in France. In 1871 there was an uprising known as the Paris Commune. France was ruled by a radical and revolutionary government... Continue Reading →


24 July 2016

I'm intrigued and challenged by the fact that God hides things in his word for us to find. Learning that David's genealogy from Judah to Jesse is encrypted in the text of Genesis... Continue Reading →


03 July 2016

20 years. That is a long time. Longer than two of my kids have been alive – and when you think about it like that... Continue Reading →


26 June 2016

Haere mai ki te whakanui i a Matariki. Haere mai ki te tāngata katoa. Welcome everyone in this month of Matariki... Continue Reading →


19 June 2016

In the beginning people made their own choices. The choices we made weren’t so good... Continue Reading →


12 June 2016

One night a few weeks ago, I watched a guest speaker and pastor at Liberty University’s Convocation describe a very difficult time in his own life when so many people around him seemed to be under attack... Continue Reading →


05 June 2016

Have you been appreciating Russell’s sermons on motivational gifts? Like me have you found some of your rankings rather surprising... Continue Reading →


29 May 2016

After the lovely warm days all of a sudden the weather has turned. It’s cold and winter is on its way. As they say it is time to hunker down and wait for spring... Continue Reading →


22 May 2016

Life can be difficult, confusing and just downright annoying. Fortunately for us, when we struggle with the difficulty of life... Continue Reading →


15 May 2016

Sometimes we just need to face the facts. Sometimes feelings are wrong, especially in the light of absolute real and verifiable facts... Continue Reading →


08 May 2016

Reflecting on what would be a good idea for current comment this week had my mind almost instantly turn to Mary; the mother of our Lord... Continue Reading →


01 May 2016

“By the Grace of God”. This is a great little statement that I have used in my life. It is easy for us to think, “What did I do to deserve God’s love?” Well, nothing. Continue Reading →


24 April 2016

On Thursday night (because there was no music practice) Jill and I went to see ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’. It was a good yarn... Continue Reading →