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10 June 2018

Most mornings I walk in Cornwall park weather permitting. There is the distant hum of the city as well as machinery in the park. But what I enjoy hearing most is the sound of the birds in the trees. They are all different from the loud almost screeching sound of the magpie to the beautiful birdsong of the Tui and chirping of the sparrow. Continue Reading →


03 June 2018

What gets you out of bed every morning? What is the fire that drives you each day? Sometimes when I wake, and hear the kids arguing - I wonder. There's not much fire then (or perhaps fire of a different kind!). A passion of mine is mathematics... Continue Reading →


27 May 2018

One of the many issues discussed at the conference was the misunderstandings that arise in any organisation (Christian or not) but should not arise in a Christian organisation. Issues such as mistrust, not speaking well of others, gossip, etc. Continue Reading →


13 May 2018

Only God Himself fully appreciates the influence of a Christian mother on molding of character of her children Continue Reading →


06 May 2018

I've been reading "Praying Circles around your Children" by Mark Batterson and it's got me inspired to do a better job. When I am tired, rushed or uninspired I find myself praying aimless prayers... Continue Reading →


22 April 2018

It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O Most High, proclaiming your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night, to the music of the ten-stringed lyre and the melody of the harp. Continue Reading →


15 April 2018

Have you ever looked at your own situation and wondered why God has placed you where you are? Perhaps you've looked at others and thought to yourself, why can't I have what they have? The apostle Paul said that, our battle ... Continue Reading →


08 April 2018

 Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent... Continue Reading →


01 April 2018

At the foot of the cross, I lay it all down Everything in my life, that's hidden deep inside I give it away, for my Saviour to heal... Continue Reading →


25 March 2018

There's a lot going on when Jesus enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. One of the things that amazes me is how he heads right into the belly of the beast. He knows what he's getting into. From the episode in the Garden of Gethsemane we also know that he's not exactly thrilled about it. There's a deep pain there. But, his face is set like flint towards Jerusalem.. Continue Reading →


04 March 2018

Caltex on their fuel dockets have the words “Enjoy the journey” Not all journeys are enjoyable. Things can go wrong and when it does ... Continue Reading →


18 February 2018

I think we fall into two categories; the campophilic and the campophobic. I am firmly of the later group. In my opinion church camp is on the worst and most inconvenient weekend (except for the one last year), I never sleep well, and with severe dietary restrictions the eating part is more difficult. But yet... Continue Reading →


11 February 2018

This year we are going to journey together. The book of Luke will be our guidebook and some of us will be taking turns being the tour guides as we open God's Word. But the thing is we all have to ... Continue Reading →


12 November 2017

Yesterday (Saturday) I had a bit of a frustrating day. I got up early and did some stuff in my garage – just pottering around – putting things away, cleaning etc – and that was all good. A few weeks ago Jill and I had gone to Bunnings and bought the stain... Continue Reading →


05 November 2017

Exams are upon us! For a lot of students this is such a stressful time. Like anything, if you have left it all until right now, things are going to be really tough. The reason it is called cramming is because you are trying to cram all this foreign information in that has not been drip fed into your hard-drive over the year. It is like trying to hold on to lots of slippery things at once and... Continue Reading →


29 October 2017

On Friday night we had the Friday Frenzy crew around at our place for the ‘entree’ course of their progressive dinner. (I am sure they must have been totally full after having had 5 courses throughout the evening.) It was a real pleasure to host them and the leaders... Continue Reading →


22 October 2017

I've been listening to some interesting podcasts from the creators of the Bible Project. There was one conversation that particularly attracted my attention; here's a short review. Michael Sandel, a Harvard law professor, identified 3 visions of "Justice". Any given person will generally lean towards one of these views of justice... Continue Reading →


15 October 2017

Those of you on the email list will know that the TM house was broken into on Monday night. Unfortunately they ransacked the place, pulling everything out of cupboards and going through stuff looking for valuables and cash... Continue Reading →