Mt Wellington Community Church


I have been reading from the book of Proverbs - partly because it's the topic for the Bible in Schools lesson I'm doing at the moment.

I've been impressed with the wide range of advice offered - probably by a father to a son entering adulthood.
Recurring themes throughout the book are:- 

  • Respect for parents; importance of discipline (29:17).
  • Importance of hard work; work leads to wealth, laziness to poverty.
  • Importance of honesty and fairness; lies and dishonesty lead to downfall.
  • Self control.
  • Health and well-being - improved by an optimistic, happy attitude to life.
  • God thinks the poor are as important as the rich (28:27 and 29:7).
  • A country's wellbeing comes from good leadership;  cross-check who you are considering voting for with 28:15 & 16 &a 29: 2,4 & 14.
  • Marriage and relationships with women are covered - mostly from the male point of view.
  • Even alcohol is covered together with the problems it can cause.

Rob asked us for some points for his son who is turning 17 this week.  Proverbs seems to me
to be the ideal book for such advice.