Mt Wellington Community Church


Our current preaching series is "Faith and ...".  In these sermons we're hoping to see how faith fits with our experience of life, especially in areas of life where maybe faith seems like it doesn't fit, or where we have "faith blindspots".  Faith and action: how should faith affect my daily actions?  And how do actions affect my faith?  Faith and reason: is it necessary to switch off my brain to have faith?  Is "faith or science" a choice I have to make?  Faith and failure: does having faith mean never failing?  What part can failure play in my faith journey?

After Juanita's message last Sunday, perhaps we need a "Faith and health" sermon too!  How does my faith affect my diet choices?  How does my faith affect my approach to exercise?  Can God heal?  How does God heal?  Why does God sometimes not heal?

What other topics would you add to the "Faith and ..." series?  In what areas of life do you find it difficult to make the connection with faith?  Perhaps we could have a "Faith and stress" sermon, or a "Faith and shopping" sermon, or, with an election coming up, a "Faith and voting" sermon.

We all have our faith blindspots.  May we all grow in faith as we pray the following words from Psalm 139:24 - trusting that God brings good, even if that involves pain and discomfort along the way:

Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.