Mt Wellington Community Church


Growing up is a pain. I was having a conversation with my daughter a couple of days ago, and she said, "I don't really want to become an adult, because then you have to be interested in boring things like business, and politics, and finances". When I was her age, I remember saying exactly the same thing.

Ironically, I have grown interested in those 'boring' things. I do care about them, and I understand that things are a lot more complex than most people are willing to admit.

This can make Jesus' words in Luke difficult to digest. When you're in the world of accountants, and lawyers, auditors and insurance, I am reminded of the parable of the sower. The seed planted among thorns starts strong, but it is quickly strangled by the weeds and thorns - the cares of this world!

We are to have faith like a child, but what does that mean? It is easy to think that our serious affairs are too important, and to look down on the triviality of play and relaxation. This is looking like pride, and worry, and self-sufficiency. Effectively, we are saying that we are too important, because the things that we are dealing with are so important.

We need a reality check! In the enormity of space and time, our important concerns are miniscule and fleeting. The time spent making others' lives better and being more Christ-like is a much better investment.

Thank you Lord for your example of living an upside-down life, and please give us the courage to do your work selflessly.