Mt Wellington Community Church


Those of you on the email list will know that the TM house was broken into on Monday night. Unfortunately they ransacked the place, pulling everything out of cupboards and going through stuff looking for valuables and cash. They found nothing of value but they did manage to steal the TM TV, computer and sound system (none of which were particularly expensive). The saddest part was that they stole the money the TM children had been giving. Fortunately someone has offered to give money so that what the children had been giving will still be given to its intended recipients.

I want to say a huge thank you to Tania and those others that came and helped clean up the TM house and to Lindsey who came and made everything secure. You guys are legends.

The people that broke into TM also broke into #5 Waipuna (the rental property which is vacant at present) and set up camp in there. The police came and took some items of theirs away and they hope to get fingerprints and DNA off them.

So what is our response? Well for me there is sense of sadness that people would steal from a church and even worse from children.

But my overall response is that we should be praying for these people. With the pressures on families now days it is very hard for some people and this is why we do what we do, why MWCC and the MCCT are here. We (those of us reading this newsletter) are blessed people and we need to have the mind of Christ as we think about those that did this. Let's pray for these people. Pray that they will encounter the living God.