Mt Wellington Community Church


I think we fall into two categories; the campophilic and the campophobic. I am firmly of the later group. In my opinion church camp is on the worst and most inconvenient weekend (except for the one last year), I never sleep well, and with severe dietary restrictions the eating part is more difficult. But yet, year after year during our, 19 year and counting, journey here at MWCC, off to camp I go.

So, why? I am related to, and am friends with, people who love, love, love camp. Those extroverts that need a constant supply of conversants, those competitive ones that need players, those hungry ones who like to eat. But I don't just go because I have to.

I actually (shh, don't tell anyone) enjoy our church camp. The kids have a tremendous time and build lasting friendships with their church friends, who often don't all attend the same school. You also get to connect with people in a way that you cannot on a Sunday. And, I love a good concert (more terrible jokes on their way…….).

Naturally it's still a scary place for some, you do have to let yourself be vulnerable. For example, the time for breakfast is much earlier that the church time of 10am, and I know some of us just ain't morning people. But, if you are still hesitant, I encourage you to give it a try. The people who make up MWCC are a great group of diverse and caring folks. I have always felt accepted and welcomed at camp, in a way that I don't often feel in other aspects of my life.