Mt Wellington Community Church


Thankfully children are so forgiving. After many years absence, I am full time mothering again, a job I once excelled at. Well, while it's not something you forget, getting to perfection isn't immediate.

The first school week, I seemed to lose all concept of time. Despite it being an hour after I normally left to go to work, suddenly getting lunchboxes packed, kids feet shod, tidy and out the door in time, seemed impossible. I can report it's getting better, but it still has its problems.

I still can't immediately recite the kid's classrooms, know exactly where to stand for the school pick up, forget to buy milk but do get ice cream and I keep burning stuff when cooking. But, for the kids, these days I am even more so the best mum and they keep reassuring me that it's okay.

Getting ready for a big trip with it's tidying, sorting, cleaning and packing also means trying to eat all the food from the cupboards. Inventively combining things that were never normally considered together, dinner has become a revolving mystery box challenge. Bless them, while reticent, the kids will eat anything, despite how it looks.

In Matthew 18:3, it tells of something Jesus said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

Childlike faith. She is mum, mum is good, therefore what mum does is good (even when sometimes, at best, it is quite poor indeed). How much greater indeed is our Father in heaven, perfect in all ways. It should be much easier to trust He is good, as are all His works.