Mt Wellington Community Church


Ever had 'one of those weeks'? I had one last week. It was a doozy. Busy but satisfying. Lots of face to face meetings (the best ones to have) and lots of 'connecting'.

I was thinking about this connecting business and about Father's day. I think one of the most important connections is the one between a parent and a child. When they are going well it is an amazing feeling. There is nothing better. There is a knowing, a bond, an internalisation that can't be adequately described with mere words.

But, alas, when it is not going well it can be very hard. There is a heaviness of spirit that again, cannot be described. A wondering what went wrong, what did I, as a parent, do wrong, an endless series of "what-ifs".

And the reason is that we live in a broken world. We, from birth, experience a broken world - even in the very best households with the very best parents.

And even though I was blessed to be brought up by amazing (but human, fallible) parents I still very much appreciate the father-heart of God. I am sad to say it took me way too long to really believe and understand that God is a good father. There is no vindictiveness or malice in him. He really does want the best for me and all that he does is with my best interest at heart.

Today, Fathers' day may have great memories for you or it may bring bad memories flooding back. But whatever the case is, remember that God is the best father we can ever hope for.