Mt Wellington Community Church


Last week Russell, Lindsey and I were making connections.  Okay, that sounds more spiritual than it was; we were putting network and phone connections into #3A.

We are in an age where there are ever more ways of making connections. The downside is that there are more ways of getting distracted by low value connections.

In Paul's day I imagine the options were fewer: by voice and by writing. The voice and writing haven't changed, there are just more ways to get your voice or writing from one place to another.

If you've missed a sermon there's a new way of getting the recording: by podcast (visit the website for more info). There are also other great podcasts out there such as one from 'The Bible Project' guys.

But when it's all said and done, I think nothing has ever come close to being as good as face to face, in person connections. Make the most of your life group!

So, if you're making connections, make them good ones.