Mt Wellington Community Church


We are created beings, but why? I'm guessing most of us have asked this at one point. Was it because God was bored? One book suggested he had to put up some shelves but procrastinated and made us instead. Was he lonely? Did he need someone to talk to? One of the more ludicrous and popular ideas I read in fiction is that he needs people to worship him or he will fade out of existence.

No, our God is an awesome self-sufficient God; he has everything he needs within the community of the Trinity.

'Why' comes in two flavours; what motivated God, and what were we created to do? The Bible gives us many ideas of 'what to do' but the motivation is not always clear e.g Isaiah says; 43:7 … everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made." So does that mean the ludicrous idea is right? By no means, I think that reading the preceding verses (and the rest of the Bible) we see God's character is selfless Love. The idea God gets something by creating us is projecting our selfish human thinking onto God.

It may not be possible to answer this question in this life, but could it be that we were created not for His benefit, but for ours?