Mt Wellington Community Church


Have you ever thought about the diversity among Christians who will be in heaven - about those people who down here on earth were not just white (or just black or just any shade in between), not just those who were impeccably dressed (or just those who weren't), not just those who spoke English (or any other language you like to nominate), not just males, not just females - (or the ones in between, or who aren't sure), not just the beautiful, not just the clever, not just the poor measured in this world's goods (and not just the rich), not just the healthy, not just the young (or just the old), not just those whose theology aligned exactly with ours in every jot or tittle (detail)?

This side of heaven, how well do we cope with diversity? Would we make anybody with any combination of the above "markers" welcome into our fellowships and churches? Would they actually feel welcome? Would they come back next week?

Are we so busy with our own church activities that we don't find time to connect with those who are with us at school - or tech - or work, or those we might bump into - on the bus - down the street - over the back fence - next door? Do they know me as a person (hopefully somebody they are pleased to know) - or do they just know me/us as the rather peculiar individual or family that's too busy going off to church meetings to ever go fishing - or play golf - or let off fireworks with?

Down our end of our very short street I have been going door-to-door updating the neighbourhood watch list of residents - and found that almost without exception they were pleased to talk and "be mates". I must admit that before I did that, there were quite a number of them that I had never spoken to - let alone able to put a name to.

What do you think?