Mt Wellington Community Church


Have you ever looked at your own situation and wondered why God has placed you where you are? Perhaps you've looked at others and thought to yourself, why can't I have what they have?

The apostle Paul said that, our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. One of those principalities is inequality - something that the kingdom of heaven fights against.

Of course there is going to be inequality on the basis of merit, right?! True, but only a very small part of that difference is merit-based.

The stats tell us that the world as a whole is moving towards more equitable wealth distribution; however 1% of NZers still hold 33% of the wealth - similar to the OECD average. Think about that. This is in a country which claims to be relatively socialist.

Everyone likes to think that they deserve what they have, but the harsh truth is that this is not always the case. And, while things are changing, this is largely the same world that John the Baptist walked into.

As an aside, it is exciting to see that treasury are finally looking to expand the definition of NZ's capital beyond GDP - a measure of consumption - to include environmental, social and cultural capital too. This is a crucial step in helping policy makers make decisions that are not purely fiscally driven.

As we've been reading,  John the Baptist calls us to the heart of the gospel. He calls us to be courageous, and fight for each other. He calls us to repentance.

We are all equal in God's sight. Through his redemption, Christ has given us all what we don't deserve.

Thank you Lord for your saving grace, and please give us the courage to do your work selflessly.

David Grant