Mt Wellington Community Church


Hi. Welcome back to MWCC for 2018.

The theme this year is Journeying.

When I was 21 I spent 9 months living and working in Italy with a mission organisation. What a journey that was!! It was an incredible time of growth for me, seeing new things, gaining new understandings, learning about myself and the wider church.

I learnt that there are passionate people of faith that do things really differently from me and this taught me that different isn't wrong - it is just different. I discovered that neat little boxes at home don't work in a wider world context.

This year we are going to journey together. The book of Luke will be our guidebook and some of us will be taking turns being the tour guides as we open God's Word. But the thing is we all have to make the journey. Some of us will probably rush ahead to see what is around the next corner, some of us will dawdle - taking time to savour the moments. Some of us will no doubt sleep in and miss some of the trip (don't be that person! lol).

As we have travelled as a family I have noticed something. Jill is really good at is reading the guidebook BEFORE we get to a country and this helps no end when we get there. So, if you can, please read Luke chapter one before next week (and keep reading ahead).

Looking forward to the trip ahead!!

Bon voyage everyone