Mt Wellington Community Church


Life can be difficult sometimes. The busy world that we live in can be overwhelming and stressful and sometime it feels like nothing is going right.

In John 21 the disciples had returned to their jobs as fisherman. Jesus had risen, they had seen him when he appeared to them.

We don't know the time frame between Jesus appearing to the disciples and their fishing event but we know they weren't successful with fishing. It must have felt like a let-down after the euphoria they may have felt when they knew that Jesus was alive. They were back to doing the mundane, everyday life and it didn't seem to be going that well. But then Jesus shows up. Not only that he tells them to throw out the nets again and there was so much fish that they could not pull the nets in. When he calls them to have breakfast he already had some fish. He not only shows up but he had breakfast ready.

So often we may feel overwhelmed, let down and feel like we are doing the same old mundane things. But Jesus will show up unexpectedly and when he does he is able to sustain us and get us through and provide all we need.

If you are feeling overwhelmed in life expect the unexpected. Jesus will show up.