Mt Wellington Community Church


Here's a paraphrase1 of the 1st part of 1 Corinthians 13 (the "love" chapter). It was co-authored by Logan Grant, Hinano Namiki and Maddy and Mike Potter in one of our twenty-minute break-out group at camp a couple of weeks ago.

"If I speak a lot of languages and talk a lot but have no love I sound like a screeching violin or plastic pop music. If I am a super Christian person with a huge faith but have no love for others, I am nothing. If I give everything away even my cell phone and my car and house and skite about it and do tons of good things but don't love, it doesn't count. Love is calm, caring, doesn't skite or boast, is not mean; it's not about me. It's not cranky and doesn't keep a diary or digital record on Facebook. It doesn't celebrate wrong but thinks the truth is sick2 . Love never stops and always hopes even when things go wrong. Love wins - always." 


1 A translation changes words from one language to another; a paraphrase translates meaning from one culture (and era) to another.

2 As in meaning 5 from Oxford Living Dictionaries" informal Excellent".