Mt Wellington Community Church


On Friday night we had the Friday Frenzy crew around at our place for the 'entree' course of their progressive dinner. (I am sure they must have been totally full after having had 5 courses throughout the evening.) It was a real pleasure to host them and the leaders.

Huge thanks to Tania, Murray, Hone, Rodney and Tama for the brilliant job they do leading FF and the time they give up and the effort they put in.

On another matter, I wanted to give you an update on where we are with the redevelopment of the site.

Over the last little while the developers we are working with have been working with JASMAX (a leading Auckland architectural firm) and Housing New Zealand. Some 'bulk and location' drawings have been done to get an idea of what can be done.

The exciting thing is that Housing New Zealand are wanting to be a part of the development and they are putting their 3 adjoining properties into the mix too. For me personally I am excited about the prospect of us, as a faith community, being able to be a part of, hopefully, helping people into homes and providing a great supportive community for people.

We are waiting for the financial feasibility to be finalised and when this is done we will bring the figures and concept to you for your comments and questions.

This is a real 'faith' thing for us as a church and as an eldership and we are definitely (and desperately) seeking God's leading a guiding on this. Please pray with us