Mt Wellington Community Church


One week ago we were off at a church camp, and were working on plans to run a combined service with Tamaki Community Church before the end of the month. We were lucky to get the camp in, and the TCC plan is postponed indefinitely. A lot can change in a week!

It is hard to find the right perspective on situations like this. We don't know what tomorrow will bring. It's not much like other events in recent history, and the lessons and experiences of the past are almost forgotten.

In 1841, Robert Browning published a poem that famously (if you pay attention to literature anyway) ends with the line: "God's in His heaven, all's right with the world."

Do those words seem deeply comforting? Or completely absurd? Or somewhere in between?

During my long years of illness with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I struggled to cope with the life I had been thrown into. Eventually I realised that while I was surprised and overwhelmed by my life suddenly falling apart and staying that way - God was not surprised, and definitely not overwhelmed. His plan for my life continued. More good has come out of those challenges than I could ever have expected - because I trusted the One who was far bigger than me or my problems.

God is in His Heaven, on the throne, in control. But God is also here amongst us, giving us what we need to be His hands and feet in the middle of difficult times. Love God, Love others. The world is shaken and confused. The Kingdom of God remains on solid rock, growing only stronger and deeper with each turning page of history. All's right.