Mt Wellington Community Church


Over the last 2 years John and I have been road tripping to various places around the North Island. We have done the drive to New Plymouth along the Forgotten Highway and West Coast to Wellington, the eastern side to Wairarapa and inland to Palmerston North and the valleys and hills around. Last year we did the remote areas of the East Cape and Northland. Going on long road trips requires a fair amount of planning especially as we use our van to sleep in. Along the way we have met interesting people at camping grounds and seen some spectacular scenery. We have been in some remote areas with hardly anyone around and rundown old houses with people still living in them. We have been in bustling little towns and communities.

Caltex on their fuel dockets have the words "Enjoy the journey" Not all journeys are enjoyable. Things can go wrong and when it does all you want to do is get back home.

As we journey through this year we will have hills and valleys, spectacular times when we feel God is close and other times when He seems to be remote. Yet our journey is not done alone. We belong to a community where everyone is on the same journey and when we feel like giving up we can get back home. If at times you feel that your journey is unravelling or you are feeling isolated remember that there are people in the church who can help. Being part of a Life Group is also a good way to do your journey with others. Why not try them out?

So whichever way your journey takes you, don't give up.