Mt Wellington Community Church


On March 3rd  we confirmed that we would move house in three weeks.   

On March 14th , while most of us were at camp, the NZ government took the extremely unusual move of beginning to close NZ's borders. 

Nine days later, on March 23rd , the government announced that NZ would go into lockdown/isolation on the 25th . 

After several months of looking for the right place, weeks of waiting for settlement, and days of anxiously watching the global situation tilt towards crisis, we managed to move house on the 24th , clean the old place on the 25th , and go into isolation. 

God seems to be a fan of doing things at the right time, rather than giving us enough room to be comfortable. It's tempting to ask Him to make life easier, to show us the whole plan so we don't have to worry about what will happen next. 

But then again, that's the whole problem. We don't want to trust God, we want to have things under control. I've heard it said that the opposite of trust is control - the times we most need to trust God are the times we have the least control over life. 

Often we shut God out by keeping tight control over our own lives, making sure there's no need to trust anyone else, even God. But situations like the present pandemic remind us that in the end we cannot control everything. This situation is a new opportunity to remember that no matter what happens, we can trust God. He is Good, He Loves us, and He  can always be trusted.