Mt Wellington Community Church


One day this week I was getting ready to leave work at the same time as a colleague. She sighed as she picked up her gear, making some negative comment about her day. "Tough day?" I said (or something like that). From there we had quite a long conversation, eventually reaching the question of why we even come to work each day at all. My colleague mentioned that she walks past an Alpha sign every day that says "Is there more to life?" And she finds that question resonating with her.

The next day I had a conversation with a local parent. She was talking about how satisfying her work day had been. This parent is in a profession that helps people with their health. I commented that the "helping" professions are extremely demanding but at the same time deeply rewarding. She responded by saying that job satisfaction is connected to knowing your "why". People - and organisations - need to know and believe in their "why". If you know and believe in your "why" it makes everything worthwhile.

One conversation had started with negativity and the other with positivity, but both came back to the importance of having a great "why". So what's your "why" for what you're doing every day? Have you found a "why" that you believe in? What would you say our "why" is as a church family? And how is God involved in shaping the answers to those questions?