Mt Wellington Community Church

Sunday Services

Sunday morning services start at 10am, arrive from 9:45am for a cuppa and a chat. This year's theme is Faith.

If this will be your first Sunday with us...

We look forward to seeing you! We trust you will find us a friendly bunch. We are just normal people, from all walks of life, who choose to meet together to encourage one another, learn together about God, and praise him. You are so welcome, regardless of what you believe, how you look, or what your background is.

We also have activities for kids from 4 to intermediate age.

Faith that He brews

mugs with faith that he brews written on them

MWCC's theme for 2017 is faith. "Faith that He brews" is an 11-week journey (spread out between July and December) through the book of Hebrews, with the aim of letting God brew faith in us. You're invited to be part of this journey! Find out more.

Long Story Short

Mount Wellington Community Church has run the Long Story Short video series in the past, if you want to be part of the next one... Find out more on our Long Story Short page.


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If you'd like to talk to us, check out the details on our Contact Us page.

Our Vision

Our vision is that "we are a caring, dynamic, multi-cultural family, sharing God's love with our community":

We are our church - not us and them,
 In it together is the theme.

Are is now, not 'will be' later;
 This keeps it sharp, the challenge greater.

Caring, still a need today helping folk in every way.

Dynamic, moving, shaking, growing, Anywhere the Spirit's blowing.

Multi - many, culture - race,
 All in our church will find a place.

Family - a blood bought bond,
 The gift of Christ our wedding band.

Sharing - some for you and some for me - 
God's love and grace enough and free;

Spread around our community