Mt Wellington Community Church


For those who wish to financially support our Church and its vision there are two online methods of giving:

  1. by direct debit to our Bank account (preferred), or
  2. by credit card at the Give a Little website (we get 5% less in this case due to fees)

Direct Debit

You can donate via direct debit to our Bank of New Zealand account:


Please put "Donation" or "Koha" in reference field.

If you want a tax rebate receipt, please put your name in the "particulars" and/or "code" fields, and also email to let the treasurer know the donation is coming and you will automatically receive a donation receipt shortly after the end of the financial tax year (March 31)

Any questions about giving, just email

Credit Card

We have created an MWCC Givealittle profile where you can donate online via credit card.

95% of the money goes to MWCC. 5% is a "service fee", so we consider a direct debit / automatic payment your best options.

To make your donation anonymously via Give a Little remember to tick and un-tick all the relevant boxes.

Your donation is fully tax deductable, and whether or not you make your donation anonymously, you will receive a receipt from Givealittle to use for claiming your tax rebate.

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